Shiree Team


Bhabesh Chandra Podder

Bhabesh Chandra Podder, Project Director of EEP/Shiree

Bhabesh Chandra Podder joined  EEP/Shiree as the Project Director in January 2015. He is a civil servant with a  background of working in field administration, Magistracy, Collectorate and in Ministries and Directorates. He is a Joint Secretary of RDCD under LGRD Ministry.


Justin Ormand

Justin Ormand

Justin Ormand is part of the International Development Unit of Ecorys UK, and is the Consortium’s Project Director. Justin has many years’ international agricultural and commercial experience, and has worked on development issues in a variety of countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, Tajikistan and Armenia. He is a former management consultant, and has a thorough understanding of rural development and sustainable agriculture, including market system/value chain analysis, agricultural enterprise development, and factors affecting sustainable, inclusive IGA selection. He has conducted opportunity assessments for projects aimed at smallholder and subsistence farmers, and understands the challenges they face. Justin is based in the UK, and makes frequent trips to Bangladesh to visit the team and the projects.

Monjur Hossain

Monjur Hossain

Monjur Hossain is Managing Director of PMTC Bangladesh Limited. Following his earlier career as a senior in the Plantation Industry, Monjur has been involved in the development aid sector since the late 1990s and is a recognized professional in Project Management. He has been the Project Director for numerous projects with a wide-array of different donors including DFID, SDC, USAID, DANIDA and ADB.  As an Attorney of Harewelle, Monjur is a signatory in the execution of the accountable grant agreements between NGOs and EEP/Shiree Programme and supports that programme in matters concerning HRM.


In 2010 Shiree formed a Senior Management Team (SMT) to provide overall programme direction and oversight under the Chairmanship of CEO. The SMT meets regularly and has been successful in bringing a new coherence and drive to this large and complex programme.

Eamoinn Taylor

Eamoinn Taylor

Eamoinn Taylor joined Shiree as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in July 2014. As a former DFID country Head, he has an excellent understanding of DFID principles, processes and requirements; he is well used to working closely and pragmatically with government and donors. He also has the advantage of having worked in Bangladesh before.

Najir Ahmed Khan

Najir Ahmed Khan

Najir Ahmed Khan joined EEP as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in September 2014. Previously he worked with CARE, The World Fish Centre, DFID, Oxfam GB, Islamic Relief Worldwide and CORDAID in various capacity as Programme Manager, Coordinator and Adviser. He was desk officer for extreme poverty portfolio in DFID Bangladesh and was involved in the early stage of EEP. He has substantial experience in programme design and management, and worked in a wide range of livelihoods and natural resources management programme in Bangladesh, Sudan, Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya and South Sudan.

Anwar Chowdhury

Anwar Chowdhury (right) is visiting a field to see the condition of beneficiaries

Anwar Chowdhury is the Deputy Team Leader and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at EEP/Shiree project under the employment of British Council. Anwar Chowdhury is a strategic and hands-on executive having experiences of over 25 years in international development and challenge fund management. He is associated mainly with strategy formulation, policy making, planning for sector development, output based budgeting, analysis of grants budget, plan of operations, controlling of challenge fund, supervision of country wide development projects under civil societies, public and private sectors. He has extensive background and experience in operations, accounting, auditing, taxation, grants and sub grants management, budgeting of grants, grants negotiations, operations and program management of donor aided projects, national and international NGOs. Anwar has proven experience in developing program supportive financial management systems, activity based budgeting, due diligence assessment, organisational assessment of national and international NGOs, public sector institutions icnluding Department of Public Health, Agricultural Extension, Local Government Division, Rural Development & Cooperatives and Department of Fisheries in Bangladesh. He is well-versed in compliance and grants management procedure for clients including DFID, World Bank, Danida, SDC, Swiss contact/Katalyst and the Government of Bangladesh in the context of local law including NGO Affairs Bureau. Additionally, educational background including a MBA, from Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Philippines, an FCA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh, FCS from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Bangladesh, Masters in Commerce from Dhaka University have strengthened his ability to lead program implementation, grants administration and management of large donor funded programs in Bangladesh.

S M Zulfiqar Ali

SM Zulfiqar Ali is the Head of Advocacy and Research of EEP/Shiree. Formerly he worked with Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) as a researcher. He completed PhD from University of Bath in the UK and has authored many research articles. He co-authored the background paper on extreme poverty for the 7th Five Year Plan of Bangladesh.


Md Ashrafur Rahman Bhuiyan

Md Ashrafur Rahman Bhuiyan

Md Ashrafur Rahman Bhuiyan is an Assistant Project Director (APD) at EEP/Shiree since January, 2012. He Started out as a lecturer in Physics before joining EEP/Shiree. He comleted his BSc (Hons) and MSc Degree under National University from the Department of Physics. He is involved with organizational management, planning, implementation and monitoring of project activities (GoB Part).

Md Masuduzzaman Sumon

Md Masuduzzaman Sumon

Md Masuduzzaman Sumon serves as the Administrative Officer (AO) at EEP/Shiree project. He has over 5 years of experience in various group of companies. Sumon has extensive experience in Human Resource, Administration & Social Compliance Division. He obtained Honors & Masters from National University.


Samiul Ahsan

Samiul Ahsan is working at EEP/Shiree project as Senior Communications Manager. He completed his Master of Research in Accounting from the University of Dundee, Scotland in 2007 majoring oil and gas accounting. He recently completed his five year tenure at SANEI (South Asia Network of Economic Research Institutes) as its Manager, Administration and Communications. Prior to that he has worked at Huntsworth Plc in London as Accounts Assistant, Radisson SAS Hotel in Edinburgh as Assistant Hotel Controller and IT Manager and also worked part-time at Microsoft (Ireland) & IBM (Ireland). He is a former cricketer of North Kildare Cricket Club in Dublin and Dundee University Cricket Club. He loves to travel and watch movies in his leisure time.


Delwar Hossain

Delwar Hossain (right) is talking to a beneficiary during verification process

Delwar Hossain is a shiree Programme Manager and has 28 years of practical experience in rural and urban development. Before joining shiree he worked with CARE International and the Chars Livelihoods Programme (CLP). His primary areas of expertise are Infrastructure, Monitoring and Evaluation, Office Management, Contract Administration and Disaster Management.

Abdus Salam

Abdus Salam (right) is talking to beneficiaries during field visit

Md. Abdus Salam is working as a Programme Manager. He has more than 30 years work experience both at home and abroad. Salam’s core set of skills include agriculture extension and management, training administration / management and facilitation, training needs assessments, curriculum design and material development, strategic planning, public sector and NGO capacity building, human resource development planning, PRA, socio-economic bench mark surveys and impact assessments.

Sutapa Paul

Sutapa Paul (right) is visiting a beneficiary household during verification in the South-West region.

Sutapa Paul serves as one of the Programme Managers of shiree. She has more than 20 years of experience in various development programmes in Bangladesh. Sutapa has extensive experience in capacity building, programme management, organisational development, community mobilisation, extreme poverty and PRA. She is a very good facilitator and presenter. Sutapa previously worked at BRAC for 18 years. She was the first female area manager, regional manager of the BRAC Development Programme, and chief trainer at the Training and Resource Centre (TARC). Sutapa also worked on the CFPR-TUP BRAC programme for over 2 years as a Sector Specialist in Social Development during 2002-2004. In addition to this, she has worked as a Freelance Consultant in conducting Problem Solving Workshops for SHOUHARDO of Care-Bangladesh and the Poverty and Working Children (PWC) Programme of SC-UK. Sutapa is a very positive and lively person. She dreams of a world without any discrimination.

Manotosh Kumar Madhu

Manotosh Kumar Madhu

Manotosh Kumar Madhu is a Shiree Programme Manager having 19 years of practical experience in rural and urban development of Bangladesh. He worked with three international NGOs including CARE Bangladesh before joining Shiree. His major competencies are Strategic Planning, Programme Designing and Delivery, Programme Monitoring & Evaluation, Capacity Building, Partnership Management, Institution Building, Human Resources Development, and Reporting. He has wide-range of expertise in food security programme management along with other development programme.

Md. Shahtabul Islam

Md Shahtabul Islam

Md. Shahtabul Islam is working as a Program Manager at EEP/Shiree. He has around 9 years’ experience in financial and banking sector. Before joining EEP/Shiree, he worked at the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), Bangladesh. There he worked in several positions in the areas of banking operations, compliance and internal audit. He completed his BBA and MBA majoring in Finance and Human Resource Management from East West University, Bangladesh. He is also an environmental photographer. He also has expertise in GPS modelling. He co-authored 3 books: Butterflies of Bangladesh – Inventory First Phase, Second Phase and Third Phase. Besides butterfly, he studies dragonfly, moths, spider and insects. He is an active member of Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Mr. Islam hosted two photography exhibitions in Dhaka in the year 2012 and 2013.

Md. Abu Bakar Siddique

Md. Abu Bakar Siddique

Md. Abu Bakar Siddique is working at the EEP/Shiree project as Program Manager. Previously he worked with CARE, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, Islamic Relief Worldwide, PROSHIKA Manobik Unnyan Kendro and Swanirvar Bangladesh in various capacities as Technical Manager, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Program Development Officer Coordinator and Technical Officer. He also worked as consultant with Practical Action Bangladesh, Care Society (Maldives) and WSUP in the area of livelihood resilience, disaster and climate risk management and WASH. He has wider experience in programme design and management. The major areas of work were livelihoods, disaster and climate risk management and natural resources management programme in Bangladesh and Maldives.


Mohammad Alomgir Husan

Mohammad Alomgir Husan is working as Programme Manager-Nutrition at EEP/Shiree. He holds academic degrees of Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Nutrition & Food Science (MNFS), and Master of Social Science (MSS). Before joining Shiree, he worked at UPPR project of UNDP in Bangladesh as a Nutrition Expert. Alomgir has 16 years working experience in the development sector particularly in Nutrition (specific & sensitive), Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child Health, Urban and rural food production, WATSAN, Women Development, Urban and Rural Poverty Reduction program/project in rural & urban areas with DFID, USAID, Ecorys UK, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Save the Children-USA and international, FHI, BRAC and others national and local NGOs. While working in different managerial and the technical position he actively involved in program design, planning, implementation and management, ongoing program activities monitoring & supervision, training & operational manual and SBCC materials development, budget management & controlling, documentation of program progress and prepare different reports & final program closing report for donors etc.

He has expertise and wide range of experience to implement nutrition activities like Infant & Young Child Feeding (IYCF), National Nutrition Program (NNP), Preconception and Maternal Nutrition, Adolescent Nutrition, Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM), Essential Nutrition Action (ENA), Micro Nutrient Supplementation (MNS), and Urban and Rural Food Production. He has a wide range of experience to finalize partners and provide technical support in designing, effective planning, implementation and monitoring of the project activities through build up capacity and necessary technical support.

He has a long experience to work with national, division, district, sub-district and community level Administration, Health, Family Planning, Agriculture and Department of Public Health & Engineering department, City mayor and city council and facilitate them for effective planning and implementation and monitoring program activities. He spent on the field a significant time for implementing project activities, guiding staff development, overseeing on the performance, coaching & mentoring the team as well as prepare performance appraisal of the staffs. Also, monitor the data directly & implementing this monitoring information for the problem-solving process. He has directly working experience with Donor Organization, Local Governmental Institute (LGI), NASP-DGHS & Community Based Organization (CBO) and implement the program through the build up their capacity as well as ensure their involvement in the decision-making process.


Abdul Jabber Jufry

Abdul Jabber Jufry in the field during a survey

Abdul Jabber Jufry leads the CMS Implementation Team. His primary responsibility is for the implementation of the various CMS instruments and for the production of information arising from CMS datasets. Jufry’s work involves close liaison with internal and external users of this information ensuring that user needs are met through the production of timely and high quality analysis. He also monitors the progress of CMS implementation to ensure that this is an efficient process, involving a high level of ownership by partner NGOs, and that any problems emerging are quickly identified and resolved. He contributes to the further development of the CMS ensuring that it continues to meet programme needs as shiree evolves and transitions

Muhammad Masudul Alam

Muhammad Masudul Alam is speaking at a workshop on “Transforming NGO Management: Real-time Information for Decision Making”

Muhammad Masudul Alam is working in Shiree as ‘Technology Manager, MIS’ from September 2012. He is now playing a key role as ‘Focal Technical Contact’ for maintaining smooth function (ethically, technologically and operationally) of CMS2 (Change Monitoring System two, one of the innovative mobile based monitoring tools used by shiree). To facilitate data processing, consolidate and generate various types of reports in text as well as graphical format according to organizational needs, are also part of his job which he is performing efficiently. He joined in shiree as ‘Network Administrator’ in October 2008. He is highly skilled to administrate networks in both Linux and Windows platform. He has several years working experience in Information Technology, especially in providing direct technical support to end users, managing and administrating the whole network with multiple servers, maintaining constant liaison with external vendors, ensuring a virus free and secure IT network where disaster recovery and data protection plans are active and tested, organizing IT trainings, implementing inventory system and standard procurement policy. Before joining in Shiree, he worked in Proshika Computer System Trust, Dhaka Chamber of commerce & Industry and Jaxara IT Ltd etc.


Mahbuba Islam Lucky joined Shiree in October 2009. She is working as a Data Analyst in the CMS (M&E) unit. She is highly skilled in conducting socio-economic and anthropometric survey, data management, data analysis and report generation. She has in-depth knowledge in quantitative data analysis (SPSS). She has also vast knowledge in MS Access for data management. She is also actively involved in mobile based monitoring system of EEP/shiree. She is an expert in developing different analytical geographical maps using different GIS software and mapping tools like GPS, different GIS software (ArcView, ArcInfo, ArcGIS), Google Earth, Google Map and Remote Sensing Technology (Erdas Imagine). She obtained her Master of Science in Geography and Environment from Jahangirnagar University. Just before joining Shiree she worked for the Chars Livelihoods Programme (CLP-Funded by UKaid from the Department for International Development) as a Consultant for GPS and GIS mapping.

Md Saiadur Rahman

Md. Saiadur Rahman

Md Saiadur Rahman works at EEP/Shiree as Research Associate in MIS Department. He is familiar with conducting socio-economic and anthropometric survey, data management, data analysis and report generation. He has good working knowledge Using MS excel, MS Access and SPSS for data management and analysis. He has also in-depth knowledge of using Arc GIS and Edras Imagine software of Mapping. He obtained Master of Science in Environmental Science from Khulna University. Just before joining EEP/Shiree he worked at Concern Worldwide as Technical Officer – Monitoring and Evaluation. Earlier he worked as Research Associate under EEP/Shiree Project. He also worked at Women Job Creation Centre (WJCC), Unnyan Onneshan and Muslim Aid Bangladesh. He worked in livelihood, DRR, biodiversity conservation and nutrition project.


Ambra Colacicco

Ambra Colacicco

Ambra Colacicco is a Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant at EEP/Shiree where she conducts the evaluation of the social enterprises implemented by the Shiree NGO Partners and coordinates the analysis of CMS3. She holds a Master in International Economics from Lund University, Sweden, and a BA in Economics with years of experience in finance before pursuing her passion for development. She has performed several fieldworks in China researching on foreign direct investment, access to credit and innovation among private firms. In the end of 2012 she moved to Bangladesh, where she has worked in M&E and as project manager for BRAC-Aarong. Her passion and obsession is how to make the market work for the poor guaranteeing a sustainable path out of poverty. She loves Mango season and baking cakes!

Nadia Farnaz

Nadia Farnaz

Nadia Farnaz is working as a Research Associate at EEP/Shiree. She studied Economics at Brac University. Before joining EEP/Shiree, she worked at Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) as a Research Officer on several projects. She also worked as part time Student Tutor at Brac University Economics Department. In her spare time, Nadia loves to travel and watch movies.

Md Faizul Islam

Md Faizul Islam

Md Faizul Islam is working as a Research Associate at EEP/Shiree. He completed his graduation and post-graduation in Statistics from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. He has one and half year’s work experience in development sector as a Research officer at Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS). He enjoys acquiring new skills and information, which helps him to adapt to the fast-changing world, as well as pique his interest in innovation. During leisure time, he loves to see theater drama and spend time with his friends.


Mirza Laila Ferdous

Mirza Laila Ferdous

Mirza Laila Ferdous is working as Senior Accounts Manager at Shiree. Laila has been working with the accounts & audit sections in the Development & Private sector for 10 years. She has extensive experience in preparation of financial reports (GoB reports and for projects themselves), DPPs, budget and budget variance reports. She has experience of dealing with internal, external and GoB Auditors. Laila also has experience in conducting audits of multinational and national enterprises, corporations, banks, leasing companies, NGO and donor aided projects. Laila enjoys travelling with her family, cooking her favourite dishes and playing with her son.

Md Jashim Uddin

Jashim Uddin

Jashim Uddin is working as Senior Accounts Manager. He previously worked with S. F. Ahmed & Co. as an Audit Supervisor. Jashim has extensive experience in financial systems design and implementation, institutional development, auditing, accounting, taxation and management of multinational and national enterprises, corporations, banks, leasing companies, NGOs and various donor-assisted aid projects.

Tarun Kumar Mandal

Tarun Kumar Mandal is working as an Senior Accounts Manager at Shiree. He has previously worked with BRAC as an Audit Officer for two and half years in CFPR, STUP, with CARE Bangladesh as a Sub Grant Officer (Finance Department) for one and half years, and with the SHOUHARDO (funded by USAID). He has extensive experience in Financial Systems design and implementation, auditing, accounting, taxation, budget, budget variance reports and capacity building of partner NGOs. He is interested in travelling, watching cricket matches and playing chess. His favourite past time is watching movies, listening to songs and sleeping.

Shishier Kanti Das

Shishier Kanti Das

Shishier Kanti Das is working as an Accounts Manager. Previously he worked for some leading group of manufacturing companies. After completion of graduation he joined to K. M. Hasan & Co. Chartered Accountants on March 2008 and has taken registration from ICAB to be a Chartered Accountant. He is aiming to be a Chartered Accountant.

Md SelimTalukder

Md Selim Talukdar is working as a Senior Accounts Manager at Shiree. He has previously worked with two Telecommunications Company in Bangladesh for four and half years. Before that he worked with Hoda Vasi Chowdhury & Co. (an Independent Correspondent Firm to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu-DTT) after completing CA course from there. He has eight years of practical experience in Accounts, Audit, Tax, VAT of different industries, especially in Telecommunications, Banks, multinational environment, local and International NGOs, value for money audit and also worked with Department For International Development (DFID) – HNPS Programme  of The Health, Nutrition and Population Sector Programme (HNPSP) being implemented by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and coordinating audit, using risk based approach and other engagements following Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu-DTT standards.

Helen Kujur

Helen Kujur is working as a Finance Manager at Shiree. She has completed her BBA and MBA degrees, major in Accounting and Information Systems from the Dhaka University. Previously she has worked with Green Housing & Energy Ltd, a concern of ASA. She has extensively worked with shiree partner NGO Uttaran as Project Chief Accountant and gathered the experience of working with the grass root level of extreme poor community in the south-west area of Bangladesh. Before that she has worked with A. Qasem & Co after completing CA course. She has expertise on auditing, accounting and taxation. In leisure time she loves to listen to the music, reading novels & poems and also travelling.

Md Kohinoor Rahman (Romell)

Md Kohinoor Rahman (Romell)

Md Kohinoor Rahman (Romell) joined EEP/Shiree as an Accounts Manager on June 2015. Before joining EEP/Shiree, he worked at Friends In Village Development Bangladesh (FIVDB) as a Manager – Policy Compliance & Internal Audit. He has extensive experience in financial systems design and implementation, compliance, auditing, accounting, taxation and management of various lines of business i.e. banks, leasing companies, NGOs and various donor-assisted aid projects like USAID, DFID. When out of the office, he loves to pass his time with his instruments Guitar, Cajon and Djembe, He is a big fan of Paco Da Lucia, Sebikas in western music ‘Flamenco’. His nick name is Roomell and likes to hear ‘Desert Fox’ – Oooppss! He is born to enjoy the both Happiness and Sorrow.


Riffat Jahan is working as the Contract Manager at shiree. She previously worked with CARE-Bangladesh in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation of donor-funded projects, and later with both the Swiss Agency for Development, a Cooperation Village Farm and Forestry programme, and at the British Council in the field of financial management of donor-funded projects. Riffat is experienced in the overall financial management of grant-funded and donor-funded projects. She is also experienced in managing different programmes implemented via civil society and NGOs.


Tarun Kumar Barua

Tarun K. Barua

Tarun K Barua is the EEP/Shiree Administration Manager. He has over 25 years of experience in office administration, secretarial positions and general management. His background includes working with various GoB and NGO programmes, along with a rich variety of experience in the corporate sector.


Abdur Rahim

Abdur Rahim


Abul Kalam Azad

Md Maniruzzaman

Md. Maniruzzaman

Shamsul Huq

Shamsul Haque

Abul Hossain

Abul Hossain

Delwar Hossain (GoB component)


Shamoly Mrong


Hosne Ara Khatun (Shilpi)


Direndra Marak