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Action Aid Bangladesh: Land Leasing, Technology Transfers and Biodiversity Centres

Project title
Paribarvittik Jeebo-boichitro gram (extreme poor household based biodiversity centres)

Project Area
Domar and Sadar Upazila, Nilphamari District
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1,200 Beneficiary Households (BHH)

Project Timeline
Start Date: 1 November 2009
End Date: 31 October 2011

Years to Graduate
2 years

Budget (BDT)
Total Budget 31,563,011
Cost per BHH 26,303
direct delivery cost per BHH 15,132

Key Aspects

  • Respond to food insecurity because of high levels of unemployment during Monga;
  • Develop entrepreneurs through the diversification of the local skills base;
  • Enable the medium to long-term lease of khas land for the development of biodiversity centres;
  • Generate employment throughout the year where once only seasonal labour existed;
  • Production of high value horticulture linkages to markets;
  • Ensuring entrepreneurs receive a fair price for their products;
  • Biodiversity centres in sync with local environmental conditions for a positive impact through the development of mini ecosystems;
  • Focus on participatory skills development for BHHs;
  • Providing technical support on harvest and post-harvest technologies and establishing strong market linkages.


  • Year-round revenue provided for 600 BHHs from biodiversity production centres;
  • 600 additional income opportunities from centres created, through wage earning and profit sharing;
  • Reduced migration to urban centres;
  • Increased agricultural output including vegetable seed produced for 40,000 farmers and high value crops produced for 20,000 consumers;
  • Increased level of skills with improved decision-making ability.

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