CMS 1: The Household Profile

What is CMS 1?

This is a detailed profile of every beneficiary household that was undertaken at (or soon after) the enrolment of a household onto the programme. The household profile was completed by NGO field staff through a once‐only interview and acts as a baseline for evaluation of project impact.  To be valid, it had to be completed and submitted to shiree prior to any significant project activities taking place. The baseline profiles of all shiree beneficiary households (Scale and Innovation Fund)  were entered into the CMS 1 database; each household was given a unique identification number allowing linkage to other CMS tools.

Following the closure of the programme, the CMS 1 database was sent to the UK Data Service from where the fully anonymised database will be publicly accessible for use by researchers.


  • To provide a detailed assessment of the status of all shiree households before significant project interventions have taken place.
  • To provide the baseline from which to monitor change over time.

What can I see?

Household profiles have been collected for over 300,000 EEP/Shiree beneficiaries (every household), providing us with a vivid picture of the dynamics of extreme poverty in Bangladesh. In the two reports below, you will find some of the keys findings of this task:

Click here to download Characteristics of SHIREE Beneficiary Households

Baseline Report

Click here to download State of Extreme Poverty Report (pdf 4.35 MB)

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