CMS 4: participatory Review & Project Analysis


To provide a forum for beneficiaries to explain changes in their lives and the reasons for these changes, as well as creating a platform for Innovation Fund NGOs to adapt and improve their innovations according to the needs of beneficiaries.

This was implemented only by Innovation Fund NGOs. The objective of CMS4 was to undertake a participatory evaluation and review of project experience at both the level of beneficiaries and for the implementing NGO. Using participatory group exercises, field staff collected a range of data on changes at the household level, and reasons for those changes, which was collated by NGOs into Change Reports. CMS4 is a process through which beneficiaries, field staff, NGO project management and shiree enhance their understanding of extreme poverty dynamics in the very particular context of each innovation fund intervention. The focus of CMS4 was in depth understanding of the innovation, enabling identification of successes and challenges and quick feedback into project management decisions.

Complimenting the group exercises, the NGOs held Project Self‐Review Workshops, facilitated by a shiree Project Manager. These allowed self-reflection and ongoing enhancement of intervention management. These can also be used to collate shared experiences from across the innovation fund portfolio.

What can I see?

The collated findings whilst CMS 4 was running are uploaded here.