EEP/Shiree Scores A+ in DFID’s 2015 Annual Review

March 22, 2016 No Comments »
EEP/Shiree Scores A+ in DFID’s 2015 Annual Review

Following its rigourous Annual Review process, DFID had awarded EEP/Shiree a score of A+ to for its work in 2015. The combined teams of EEP/Shiree staff, working in harmony with our partner NGOs, exceeded the already challenging expectations set for the year.

With the advice, guidance and support of RDCD, DFID and SDC, we look forward to continuing this good work through to programme closure in September 2016, following Government and donor approval in EEP’s National Steering Committee in December 2015 to a six month No Cost Extension.

EEP/Shiree very much looks forward to working with RDCD, our partner NGOs and donors to maintain the highest level of performance in 2016 and to ensure the programme leaves a legacy of significant results and lessons learned that will assist the Government of Bangladesh to eradicate the scourge of extreme poverty so that no one is left behind in the nation’s trajectory to upper middle income status.

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