The 11th Extreme Poverty Research Group “Social Protection of the Poorest” was held on Sunday June 2nd at the BRAC Inn Centre and was chaired by Dr. Haseeb Md. Irfanullah, Practical Action Bangladesh.

The agenda included 6 presentations:

  1. Abul Kalam Azad (Infrastructure Coordinator, CLP): “Inclusion of the Extreme Poor in Financial Systems”
  2. Shaheen F E Mahmud (Senior Program Manager, Social Protection and Livelihoods, AusAID): “Poverty, Vulnerability and Social Protection Reform”
  3. Mei Liu (Programme Officer, Head of Social Net Unity and Emergency Preparedness, WFP) and Danielle Trotter (Programme Officer, Social Safety Net Unit, WFP): “Lessons in Promotional Social Safety Net programmes: WFP Food Security for the Ultra Poor”
  4. Vishal Gadhavi (YP) and Marie Sophie Pettersson (YP) on shiree CMS 2 Data: Beneficiary Access to Safety Nets
  5. Anowarul Haq (Director, Extreme Rural Poverty Programme, CARE Bangladesh): “Social protection: Sharing CARE’s grassroots approaches and research”
  6. Professor Barkat, FAO-NFPCSP: “Improving the Targeting Effectiveness of Social Safety Nets in Bangladesh”

Please contact Kira Galbraith at kira@shiree.org or eprgcontact@shiree.org for further information. All presentations and a summary report can be found here.

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