On the 15th of June, 2014 the 15th EPRG was held at the BRAC Centre and welcomed a high level of participation from shiree Scale and Innovation Fund partners, development practitioners and donors, academic institutions and other experts working with the extreme poor including CLP, BRAC University, UNDP and WFP (in total 72 participants).

The theme of the 15th EPRG was “Graduating the Poorest (part II): No One Left Behind” and it was chaired by Abdul Majid Mallik from Uttaran, an EPRG Panel Member. Three announcements were made at the beginning: 1) This was Part II of a two-part EPRG on Graduation, where the first part focused on defining and measuring graduation, the second part looked at the broader debate of achieving absolute graduation; 2) A feedback form was distributed for audience members to comment on the quality and usefulness of the EPRG forum and express interest in future involvement; 3) Three of the Working Paper posters were available to look at and they are part of a series of 11 Working Papers produced by shiree Research Officers focused on resilience. Please check the research tab for further details.

There were 5 presentations:

  1. Dr. Mathilde Maitrot, Bath University: The Resilience and Graduation Debate
  2. Maheen Sultan and Lopita Huq, BRAC/CGST: Assessing the Performance of GQAL in Changing Gender Norms and Behaviour
  3. Goran Jonson and Majeda Haq, UNDP: Lessons from REOPA – Reinforcing Results through Sustainability Strategies
  4. Kh. Shakhawat Ali, PPRC: A Discussion: PPRC research into poverty and social safety nets
  5. Colin Risner, shiree: “Achieving Graduation Enhancement in an Operational Context