The second meeting of the EPRG took place in January 2011.  The first session was themed ‘Building Consensus: What is Extreme Poverty?’, coming from the reported need for a stronger working definition of extreme poverty and included research findings from Unnayan Shamannay, BIDS, the Economics Research Group and Bath University.  The second session was more directly focused on confirming plans for 2011.

EPRG 2 Materials: 

“Targeting the Extreme Poor: Initial Learning and Questions Arising from shiree.” 

Hannah Marsden (Research Focal Point at shiree), January 2011.

Hannah Marsden presented findings from a lesson learning study undertaken in 2010, involving drawing together the main lessons learned from shiree and NGO experiences with targeting the extreme poor (Click here to read the Working Paper and Policy Brief).  NGOs experienced initial mis-targeting with inclusion errors which led to a re-thinking on what is extreme poverty and improvement of approaches. Importantly, targeting approaches have needed to be different according to regional and cultural contexts (E.g. in the South-west).  Findings point towards the benefit of triangulating methods and participatory approaches.  There remain questions over certain criteria and the benefits of a universal approach.

Targeting Presentation for EPRG – Hannah Marsden

“Extreme Poverty Needs Appropriate Strategies.” 

Geof Wood (Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath) , January 2011.

Professor Geof Wood (Advisor to shiree, and previous Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Bath University) gave a presentation on “Extreme Poverty Needs Appropriate Strategies.”  Here, he looked at the characteristics of extreme poverty, and argued that a new holistic policy mix is needed in Bangladesh.  This builds the case for social protection which demands a more radical change and new political settlement in Bangladesh.

Lesson learning workshop notes_3

“Identifying extreme poor a review of criteria applied in targeted programs.”

Sajjad Zohir (Director, Economic Research Group), January 2011.

Sajjad Zohir presented his paper “Identifying extreme poor a review of criteria applied in targeted programs.”  Here he argued that a definition of extreme poverty remains out of reach, without consensus. There is also the need to differentiate between targeting and monitoring measures in definition and practice. In conclusion, he argued that both the proximate and structural causes of poverty need to be addressed.

Report1 eprg rev 11nov10

Minutes of the EPRG 2 
This document contains a record of the main discussions and a list of the participants at the event.

EPRG 2 meeting minutes

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