The third EPRG meeting took place on the 2nd of May 2011. The morning session saw Zulfiqar Ali from BIDS/Unnayan Shammanay present findings from shiree-funded research on reassessing and revalidating quantitative indicators of extreme poverty, followed by NGO research staff presenting research findings from projects themed around “Protecting the Gains”. In the afternoon, the group learned about the Innovation Fund NGO Change Monitoring System findings and discussed ideas for future research, data protection and ethics.

EPRG 3 Materials:

“Poverty Thresholds Analysis: Reassessing and Revalidating Quantitative Indicators.”

Zulfiqar Ali (BIDS and Unnayan Shammanay), May 2011.

The objective of this study was to identify a set of economic indicators and thresholds to quantitatively assess extreme poverty. This presentation included new findings from this study, in particular, important findings about asset, land and employment based criteria. The final findings are to be published soon.

Presentation on Poverty Thresholds Analysis_02 05 2011

“Emerging Findings from Change Monitoring System and Self-Review Workshops (for Innovation Fund)”

Jonathan Perry (Internal Consultant at shiree) and Christopher Maclay (Associate Programmes Manager at shiree), May 2011.

The CMS4 (participatory group exercises) and CMS5 (in-depth interviews) methodologies were developed last year for the shiree-funded Innovation Fund NGO projects. This presentation highlighted shared experiences, and flagged up issues across projects including: continuing low incomes; illness; and the need for social safety net support for the elderly and disabled.

Chris Maclay and Jonathan Perry – EPRG 3

EPRG May Report (2011)
This report details the main discussions and a list of the participants at the event. Please read this to learn about the early findings from the 6 “Protecting the Gain” Research Packages undertaken by Scale Fund NGO Research staff – the final findings of which will be published in September 2011.

EPRG 3 report May 2011

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