Extreme Poverty in 7th Five Year Plan

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Extreme Poverty in 7th Five Year Plan

Over the past few decades, Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in raising incomes, reducing poverty and improving social indicators. The economy faced numerous challenges on various fronts: the global economic downturn of 2008-09 and a series of natural disasters to which Bangladesh is regularly susceptible that caused disruptions to economic activity. Owing to the exemplary resilience of its hardworking population, the country continues to make significant strides even under heavy odds, and, in 2015, Bangladesh was classified by the World Bank as a lower middle income country.

7th Five Year PlanEEP/Shiree recognised strategically that the focus of policy influencing rested on the needs of the extreme poor being included in, and addressed by, the 7th Five Year Plan. EEP/Shiree supported the Planning Ministry in preparing the plan contributing a background paper on extreme poverty. The background paper was written by Binayak Sen, Research Director, BIDS and Dr. S M Zulfiqar Ali, Head of Research and Advocacy, EEP/Shiree project.

The 7th Five Year Plan of Bangladesh, which is approved by ECNEC is available on the website of Ministry of Planning on http://www.plancomm.gov.bd/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/7th_FYP_18_02_2016.pdf


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