Khasland is unoccupied government land that the government has committed to distributing to the landless poor for the sake of supporting in their income generation and survival. Much of this khasland remains undistributed due to challenges on various levels. We have tried to address these challenges to mobilise the distribution of khasland to the poorest.

In order to do this, we worked with the following groups:

  • Extreme Poor – to help them understand their entitlements and apply for the khasland
  • NGOs – to build their capacity in khasland advocacy so they may help their beneficiaries attain land
  • Local Government Representatives (DC, ADC, ADC Land, ADC Revenue) – to sensitise the officers on the needs of the poorest and motivate them to distribute the land in their control

As such, shiree has organised several NGO (field officer) training sessions and district level advocacy events.  The initiative has been very successful.

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