Lesson Learning Reports

The Lesson Learning Reports

12 lesson learning reports have been produced for each of the Innovation Round One and Two projects. The reports have been produced for three main reasons: firstly to capture and to make available the significant learning from each individual project, secondly to provide an impact assessment that can inform decisions regarding the potential scale up of project activities, thirdly to provide a vehicle for a process of interaction, reflection and  appreciative dialogue between the shiree team, NGO project staff and beneficiaries, hence generating learning and helping the formulation of ideas that build on project experience even prior to the publication of the report.  Each report follows a similar structure that reflects the key elements of this intensive and interactive process that spanned over 6 months.

The reports are quite long but they are also rich in content and we hope and expect that readers, especially development practitioners, will find them of real value.

Innovation Fund Round One and Two

The Innovation Fund is distributed via themed bidding rounds. Round One focussed on peripheral or marginalised regions exhibiting a high incidence of extreme poverty. The result of the competitive process was 6 projects located in: the Haors (CNRS, HSI), the Chittagong Hill Tracts (Greenhill, HKI), the Southern Coastal belt (Shushilan) and one in the border area of Feni District (Aid Comilla). The theme for Round Two was innovative approaches towards addressing seasonal hunger (Monga) and resulted in a further 6 projects (Action Aid, MJSKS, SKS, NDP, HSI, Puamdo) located in Monga prone regions of the North West. While the Round Two projects were initially for two years they were later extended by a year to bring them into synch the three-year Round One projects. This gave Round Two projects more time to test and establish the intervention model and allowed for a common evaluation process.

The total value of 6 Round One contracts was £1,541,283 with 7,000 beneficiaries. Round Two value was £1,794,863 with 5,465 beneficiaries.

Innovation Fund Round Three

The Innovation Fund Round Three lesson learning reports are available. They are also available on the individual project pages on this website.

ADD International | BOSS | CWW (InvESt) | GUK | Plan (BEES) | SSS | Save the Children (Tanisha)

Innovation Fund Round Four

The Innovation Fund Round Four lesson learning reports are available. They are also available on the individual project pages on this website.

Handicap International | HelpAge International | IDE | Prip Trust | Save the Children | EcoDev | Green Hill | Tarango

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