Nutrition Publications and Lessons Learned

Nutrition Publications

Under the Behavioural Change Counselling (BCC) module of the nutrition intervention, EEP/Shiree, produced various publications to enhance social awareness, along with some training manuals which may be of use in future projects.

These publications can be found in the below links:

Nutrition Lessons Learned and Studies

The original design of Output 5 was to use an independent countrywide study of all DFID nutrition interventions as the means of verification for the results of the DNI. However, the Terms of Reference illustrated that the independent study was not able to measure some EEP indicators, particularly those pertaining to anaemia in specific groups. EEP commissioned surveys and studies run in parallel to the annual CMS 3 survey to provide data to report against these indicators, and additional data. The reports can be found below:

  • IYCF baseline: this survey captures the baseline information on Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) as measured by anthropometry and haemoglobin concentration in EEP cohorts.
  • IYCF endlines: the endline studies were split into four short reports, for breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, adolescent girls, and children.
    Adolescent Girls
  • Output 5 did not deliver expected results against all targets, and some indicators worsened from baseline to endline. To examine reasons for this, EEP/Shiree conducted an internal review of the nutrition intervention. The Lesson Learning Report is instructive, and may be useful for future intervention design.