Public Services

While the government has made provisions for the extreme poor to receive public services, in reality, most services are unable to reach them. There are many challenges and constraints including lack of capacity on the part of the local government offices, lack of advocating capacity on the part of the poorest to demand their rights, lack of good governance practices and many more.

To address these challenges, Shiree engaged in dialogue on the national and local level.

  • Local engagement – Shiree NGO partners  engaged local government officers in the five departments targeted, listed below. District level meetings were frequently organised and local government officers were involved in all asset-transfer ceremonies and community events.
Date Venue/District Organizer Results
07 April, 2011 Khulna DC office, Khulna Uttaran, Khulna #UNO-Paikgacha took the lead; he transferred khasland among the all 635 shiree BHHs within 6 month of this workshop
#UNO Dumuria and Batiaghata also transferred khasland to 75% shiree BHHs #shiree BHHs those who received khasland have sustainably lifted themselves out of extreme poverty
21 November, 2011 Sunamgonj DC office, Sunamgonj HSI, Sunamgonj #All 1000 BHHs of Derail and Sulla received permanent lease of khasland
#Mr. A N Ziaul Alam, Divisional Commissioner-Sylhet distributed deed of permanent lease among the BHHs on 29th August12 through an event held at Sulla
#95% BHHs have sustainably lifted themselves out of extreme poverty
07 July, 2012 Pabna DC office, Pabna BOSS, Pabna #Khasland is not available in Pabna Sadar and Ishshardi Upazila; still BOSS is trying to find out khasland with the help of Union land offices; BOSS is assisting BHHs to submit khasland applications #100% BHHs are receiving safety net support #Govt land administration is trying to find out a piece of khasland to make cluster village for the BHHs those who don’t have homestead# BOSS assisted BHHs to submit lease application to railway department of Ishshardi to get lease of railway land
24 July, 2012 Noagaon circuit house, Noagaon NETZ-Asroy, Noagaon #Identification of khasland with the support of union land office is being completed
#Submission of khasland application is going on; some of the BHHs received khasland but mostly are in the process
25 July, 2012 Nice hotel, Rajshahi NETZ-Sachetan, Rajshahi # 525 BHHs applied for khasland of which 12 received so far
#Application submission and persuasion both are going strongly; DC has been transferred and due to that need to organize another workshop in presence of PD-EEP
04 November, 2012 DC office, Jessore Uttaran, Khulna #Khasland is not available in Monirampur and Jhikargacha; still uttaran is trying to find out khasland with the help of Union land offices; application submission process did not get started so far
#DC-Jessore is enthusiastic to give khasland and he has given instruction to his colleagues to offer khasland to shiree BHHs
11 May, 2013 DC office, Bagerhat SCI-Codec, Khulna #DC promised to offer khasland to all shiree BHHs by November2013
#DC notified all relevant UNOs to receive khasland applications from shiree BHHs
#Codec/SCI has been started to submit application; they will complete submission by June 2013; shiree PM is looking after the entire process closely
  • National engagement – shiree engaged in inter-ministerial discussions to form MOUs with the following departments to help increase their sensitivity and response to the needs of the poorest.

Some of the services necessary include:

  1. Training (Department of Youth Development)
  2. Agricultural support services (Department of Agriculture)
  3. Livestock and Fisheries support services (Department of Livestock & Fisheries)
  4. Social Welfare services (Department of Social Welfare)
  5. Women’s empowerment services (Department of Women’s Affairs)

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