Innovation Round 1

Innovation Round 1

Innovation round 1 focused specifically on eradicating extreme poverty in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Haor and Coastal regions of Bangladesh, given the high percentage of extreme poverty in these areas. With the goal of encouraging new innovative ideas to improve the livelihoods of the extreme poor, 6 NGO projects were selected.

Asset transfer and health-nutrition improvements

Aid Comilla provides artificially inseminated cows that produce more milk to extreme poor households & creates market linkages with dairy processors @ Feni

Khas land leasing for paddy cultivation

Centre for Natural Resources Studies distributes agricultural inputs & Khas Kanda Land in Haor districts & encourages savings & insurance through “Musti Chal” @ Sunamganj

Conditional Cash Transfer, Market Development

Green Hill creates economic opportunities for extremely poor Adivasis in the Chittagong Hill Tracts through conditional cash transfer & skill training @ Bandarban, Rangamati

Resilience to health shocks through improved market access

Helen Keller International widens market access for women through training, tools for contour farming, low-cost post-harvest storage & processing technologies for fruits & spices @ Khagrachari

Innovative Agricultural Technologies

Intercooperation combates monga through cow rearing & bio gas technology @ Shunamganj, Rangpur

Agro-based Micro-enterprises

Shushilan is introducing floating garden & crab fattening technology to reduce extreme poverty in climatically vulnerable areas @ Jessore, Saatkhira, Barguna