SHIREE is constantly working for the graduation of millions of people of Bangladesh out of extreme poverty. Its works draws attention of national and international media and those are being captured by them in various ways.

Sometimes, SHIREE tries to bring under focus the obstacles it is encountering on its way forward. SHIREE believes that by striking the right place, it would be able to make a positive change in terms of policy influencing for the betterment of extreme poor people who are struggling to thrive continuously.

SHIREE is trying to help the media to find priority for the government out of so many dire needs for the development of Bangladesh. SHIREE is thankful to those media who are supporting in its efforts in the journey of eradicating extreme poverty from Bangladesh.

SHIREE will come to an end by 2015, but extreme poverty may not completely. SHIREE hopes that in those days, media will be active the same way to eradicate extreme poverty completely.