Extreme Poverty Monitor

The Extreme Poverty Monitor used the different outputs of shiree’s Change Monitoring System (CMS) to present up -to-date data and analysis regarding the dynamics of extreme poverty in Bangladesh and the effectiveness of interventions intended to address extreme poverty. A brief summary of the CMS tools is provided below:

CMS 1: The Household Profile
PURPOSE: to provide a detailed assessment of the status of all shiree households before significant project interventions have taken place. To provide the baseline from which to monitor change over time.

CMS 2: Monthly Snapshot
PURPOSE: to enable an assessment of trends: what has changed at the household level? And what has happened (both project and non project events) that may have contributed to changes?

CMS 3: Socio-economic and Anthropometric Surveys
PURPOSE: to provide in depth socio-economic and nutritional data allowing an assessment of longer term change and the impact of project interventions.

CMS 4: Participatory review and project analysis
PURPOSE: to provide a forum for beneficiaries to explain changes in their lives and the reasons for these changes, as well as creating a platform for Innovation Fund NGOs to adapt and improve their innovations according to the needs of beneficiaries.

CMS 5: Tracking studies
PURPOSE: to provide quality longitudinal tracking studies documenting the dynamics of extreme poverty as it is experienced and changes in beneficiaries’ lives as a result of project interventions.

For further explanation of the shiree change monitoring system see the document.