Scale Fund

Scale Fund

The Scale Fund supports large projects which apply tested and proven approaches to by generating assets, improving incomes, decreasing dependency and vulnerability, increasing food security and providing sustainable pathways out of poverty. With the aim of eradicating extreme poverty in Bangladesh, shiree is currently funding 6 Scale Fund projects which cover a broad spectrum of issues facing the extreme poor including: increasing assets; technology tranfsers; improving market linkages; small business development; transfering khas land; and improving access to rights and social entitlements. Five of these focus on extreme rural poverty and one on extreme urban poverty in Dhaka.

Social and Economic Transformation of the Ultra-Poor (SETU)


Social Mobilisation, Asset Transfers and Small Business Creation for Slum Dwellers


Asset transfers and Rights for Marginalised Indigenous Communities



Pathways out of Poverty through Technology Transfers, Skills Development and Improved Market Linkages


Economic and Food Security through Asset Transfers and Access to Social Entitlements



Integrated Approach to Transferring Khas Land, Skills and Assets