NGO Application Criteria for EOI Stage

General Notes:

Herewith is the NGO application for organisations wishing to participate in the DFID shiree Scale Fund. The fund will support larger projects utilising proven methodologies. All applicants should answer the following questions, referring to audited, authenticated and internally verifiable documents wherever possible. Sources and references used for the responses provided herewith should be retained for future reference by shiree. Inconsistencies, errors or omissions of information, facts or data may result in disqualification from the process.

shiree is interested in hearing from those organisations who have worked with female-headed households, minority communities, geographically and economically marginalised as well as the dependent poor, and all responses below should pay particular attention to revealing the experiences of working with such groups.

The application submission time is over. We will be processing the forms soon and will communicate with you if needed.

Thank you for your cooperation.